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Stock Market Portfolio Review

Reviewing your stock market portfolio now and then is the secret to successful investing. However, it is difficult for many traders to evaluate every stock in the portfolio. More importantly, making decisions on holding or liquidating the stocks in an existing portfolio is challenging. Sometimes, a well-performing stock market portfolio may take a wrong turn, or a poorly performing stock in the portfolio can cause to miss an opportunity for recovery.

Review Investment Portfolio

How BoursePanel Review Portfolio Can Help Investors?

The Bourse Panel review portfolio feature can help to avoid all these problems. It's an exciting feature for stock investors with an existing stock market portfolio. Stock investors can review any stock or an entire stock portfolio with just a click.

The review portfolio feature helps to manage the portfolio in a disciplined manner and will ensure maximum returns with minimum effort. The possibility of missing out on an opportunity will also significantly decline.

To review a stock, you simply need to enter the stock name or symbol with the number of shares and entry price. The system will utilize a variety of criteria to review the stock performance and provide a comprehensive report. The report will include every stock's health and score, critical support and resistance levels, and other actionable information.


Review Investment Portfolios

    User Parameters

    User input parameters window used to define investment approach.


    Sector Weight %

    Shows the stock weight % in each sector of the stock market.


    Portfolio Weight %

    Display the stock's weight % in the designed portfolio by the system.


    Market Cap. Diversification

    Shows the diversification of selected stocks by market capitalization.


The report will also show the expected payoff and the expected number of days to achieve the target.