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Stock Market Portfolio Builder

BoursePanel design portfolio feature completely automates the process of building a stock market portfolio. The platform requires only a few inputs to build a stock portfolio, including investment size, risk exposure, investment duration, and preferred stock market sectors.

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Best Investment Portfolio Builder

Building a stock portfolio is one of the most important aspects of a stock market investment. A well-designed stock market portfolio can perform even in challenging market conditions. Likewise, a poorly designed stock portfolio can completely ruin an investment. 

That is why creating a high-performing stock market portfolio is crucial. However, this is easier said than done, it is the most demanding task and requires time and experience, and most investors fail on this aspect.

While Building the portfolio, you can incorporate all or any stock market sector and specify an investment period that fits your investment criteria. The risk exposure criteria include conservative, moderate, and aggressive approaches. These features further fine-tune the process of creating a stock portfolio.

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    User Parameters

    User input parameters window used to define investment approach.


    Sector Weight %

    Shows the stocks weight % in each sector of the stock market.


    Portfolio Weight %

    Display the stocks weight % in designed portfolio by the system.


    Market Cap. Diversification

    Shows the diversification of selected stocks by market capitalization.


High Performance Portfolio Builder

A stock market portfolio designed with Boursepanel platform shows a complete insight using an interactive graphical interface. It shows the percentage weight of every sector, portfolio weight, market cap diversification, and many other things.

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In a nutshell, the Design Portfolio feature puts the stock investors on a profitable trading journey right from the beginning. It helps investors, reduce the risk by diversifying the investment in high-performing stocks with a carefully calculated proportion and precise exit levels.

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