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Stock Health and Score

When investors look at the health and score of the stock, they get an idea of the stock's future perspective. Using the health and score feature of the Bourse Panel platform, investors can review several health and scores of any stock, including growth score, technical score, value score, institutional score, etc. The platform calculates the health and score using a high-end scoring method. It assists the investors in creating a new portfolio or evaluating the performance of an existing one.


Stock Health and Score

Stock Health Measure

Each scoring level on the bourse panel platform is calculated based on multiple factors, and each of these factors has its weight used while calculating the final score. For example, the platform calculates the value score using different company financials such as margin of safety, forward earnings per share, equity return, assets, and profit margins. Again each financial number has its weight in the final score calculation.



Similarly, the technical score includes several technical indicators such as Bollinger bands, moving averages, relative strength index, etc. Each technical indicator has its weight in the technical score, and the platform takes that score to calculate the final technical score. Likewise, the platform calculates the total score using all individually calculated scores, and each score has its weight in the total score.

  • Value Score
  • Growth Score
  • Quality Score
  • Technical Score
  • Total Score
Health and Score

The report will also show the expected payoff and the expected number of days to achieve the target.