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Stock Market Expert Picks

Stock markets present opportunities now and then, and every investor tries to capitalize on those opportunities. However, it requires immense efforts to spot market opportunities and make the final investment decision. The process is usually very complicated and lengthy. A trader needs to analyze the stock from every aspect, and analyzing just the individual stock is not always enough.

Boursepanel Expert Picks

Stock Picks With Complete Details

A comprehensive analysis of the earnings report is essential; however, a detailed analysis of the entire sector is also critical. As more and more investors come to the stock investment, the markets get flooded with information, making it even more challenging to pick a reliable source of information.

Bourse Panel Expert Pick is an advanced feature. It spots opportunities and presents them in an orderly form to make the investment process hassle-free for the stock traders. It breaks down stock opportunities based on several factors and lists them in several groups for easy picking.


Top 10 Stocks and More

The top 10 stocks list is ideal for those investors who want to invest in top-performing companies. A separate growth stocks list highlights the companies with tremendous growth potential. Likewise, the undervalue stock list, income stock list, and penny stock list open the door for whole new investment ventures. In addition, two separate lists based on fundamental and technical analysis provide further choices in picking the stocks.

  • Top Ten Stocks
  • Growth Stocks
  • Under Value Stocks
  • Income Stocks
  • Penny Stocks
  • Fundamental Picks
  • Technical Picks
Boursepanel top 10 stocks

The report will also show the expected payoff and the expected number of days to achieve the target.

BoursePanel achieve the target

    Sector Weight %

    Shows the stocks weight % in each sector of the stock market.


    Portfolio Weight %

    Display the stocks weight % in designed portfolio by the system.


    Market Cap. Diversification

    Shows the diversification of selected stocks by market capitalization.


The report will also show the expected payoff and the expected number of days to achieve the target.