What is The BoursePanel Sector Top Picks Feature?

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BoursePanel Sector Top Picks

In this article, we will discuss BoursePanel’s Sector Top Picks feature. You get the list of top-performing stocks from the selected sectors using the sector’s top picks. The difference between the expert and sector top picks is that the “sector top picks” give you the top-performing stocks from a specific sector. While the expert picks, give you the stocks from different sectors with particular attributes such as growth, income, etc.


How To Get Sector Topics From BoursePanel Platform?

You can access the sector top picks from the left toolbar. Here you can click on any given sector, and the platform will give you the top-performing stocks. You can pick stocks from basic material, communication services, consumer cyclic, consumer defense, energy, financial services, healthcare, industrial, real estate, technology, and utility sectors. 

Sectors Top Picks
Source: boursepanel.com

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How Can Boursepanel Sector Top Picks Help Investors?

The sector top picks feature comes in handy when you want to invest or pick stocks from a particular sector. It saves you hours from searching through an entire sector, analyzing every stock, and going through their financials. The platform makes it easy for you; you just have to select a sector, and the platform will give you a list of top-performing stocks. The platform will provide comprehensive details of every stock you can download in pdf format.

To further understand this feature, let’s look at the consumer defense sector. The following image shows that the platform has selected several top-performing stocks from the consumer defense sector.

Sectors Top Picks 2
Source: boursepanel.com

You will get the score diversification, market capitalization, and market cap diversification of the given stocks from the top section.

Sectors Top Picks Chart
Source: boursepanel.com

From the overview tab, you can see all the given stocks with their general information, including the 52 weeks high/low and their score. You can add any stock to your market watch list from the action column.

Sectors Top Picks Overview
Source: boursepanel.com

You can see multiple scoring levels of each stock from the health and score tab. These scores provide insight into the given stocks’ health and make it easy for the investor to pick the right stock.

Sectors Top Picks Health and Score
Source: boursepanel.com

From the entry levels tab, you can see each share with its entry levels, take profit, investment percentage, expected payoff %, and expected days to achieve the target. You can see some of the shares have more than one entry-level.

Sectors Top Picks Entry Levels
Source: boursepanel.com

The performance tab shows the performance of individual shares over one year.

Sectors Top Picks Performance
Source: boursepanel.com

You can find all the key ratios for selected stocks from the key ratio tab, while the financial tab shows all the financial information.

Sectors Top Picks Key Rations
Source: boursepanel.com

The second last tab shows what the technical indicators tell about all the selected shares. Finally, from the last tab, you can see each stock’s support and resistance levels.

Sectors Top Picks Support and Resistance
Source: boursepanel.com

Invest in Stock Market With Confidence

The sector pick is yet another handy feature on the bourse panel platform. Using this feature, you don’t have to scan every sector and find the top-performing stocks. The platform makes it extremely easy. Not only does it save you time, but it also reduces the possibility of selecting the wrong stocks. It’s an ultimate tool to keep your stock portfolio growing.

Sectors Top Picks Full
Source: boursepanel.com

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