What is BoursePanel’s Review Portfolio Feature?

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Review Portfolio

BoursePanel is a dedicated Stock Market Research and Analysis platform, and it’s currently available for Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the US, UK, and Indian Markets. The platform offers Stock Portfolio management tools essential to successful stock investing. This short guide will go through BoursePanel’s “Review Portfolio” Feature.

Stock Review

BoursePanel Review Portfolio Feature

Bourse Panel Review Portfolio feature helps investors evaluate their existing stock market portfolio performance. As an investor, you can quickly review your portfolio by adding the number of individual stocks, entry price, and purchase date of the stocks in your portfolio. Once you add all the information to the platform, you will get extensive information about every stock in the portfolio.

How BoursePanel Review Portfolio Feature Help Stock Investors?

The BoursePanel review portfolio feature is a one-stop feature to analyze your existing stock market portfolio. You will get the weight of every sector, including the weight of individual stocks in your portfolio and the market cap diversification. It is really important information that will instantly help you to analyze whether you have over or under-invested in a particular sector or stock.

BoursePanel review portfolio 2

From the overview tab, you will see the generic financial information of each stock, including your current profit and loss and the last price share traded. In the overview tab, you will get the Exit Levels for every stock recommended by the BoursPanel. It is crucial information as it helps decide when to liquidate your stocks. Remember! The platform calculates these exit levels by using its proprietary algorithm and analyzing the stocks from all aspects, including fundamental and technical aspects.

Review Portfolio Overview

From the health & score tab, you can review various scores for the stocks in your portfolio. Boursepanel platform calculates these health and scoring levels using its unique method. The health and scoring levels provide an easy way to evaluate the stocks and decide whether to hold or liquidate a particular stock.

health and score

The performance section will show you the price change in every stock for up to one year. Likewise, from the key ratios tab, you can get the latest ratios of every stock, including “Forward p/e” and “debt to equity ratio.”

Review Portfolio performance

The financial tab will give you all the fundament information of the stocks, while the technical tab will show you the reading of several technical indicators. Finally, you can get the updated support and resistance levels from the support & resistance tab.

Review Portfolio support and resistance

BoursePanel is the latest innovation of Finscientists and in a nutshell, the boursepanel “Review Portfolio” Feature is one of a kind. It helps you generate handsome returns from your stock market investment by making informed and timely decisions.

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