What is BoursePanel’s My Stock Portfolio Feature?

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Manage Your Stock Market Portfolio With Boursepanel

Boursepanel’s my stock portfolio feature allows you to keep track of your existing stock market portfolio. Using this feature, you can monitor how each stock in your portfolio performs at any given time. In addition to the performance, you will also have complete detail on every stock, including the recommended exit levels, scoring levels, company financials, and technical details. This information will help you to manage your stock market portfolio more efficiently.

How To Use BoursePanel’s My Portfolio Feature?

You can access my portfolio feature from the left toolbar. If you have already added your portfolio, you will see the list of your stocks. If it’s the first time you are accessing My Portfolio, you must first add the stocks from the review portfolio link.

boursepanel my portfolio empty

To add your stock portfolio, you need to enter the company name, the number of stocks, the entry price, and the date of purchase. Once you click on the add stock now button, the stock will be added to the review portfolio and my portfolio.

Add Stocks To My Portfolio

In the following screenshot, four stocks are added to my portfolio. Now, these stocks are also available in the My Portfolio section.

Boursepanel Stocks Added

Once you add all the stocks to your portfolio, you can see the weight of each sector in your portfolio, the weight of individual stocks in your portfolio, and the market cap diversification.

Boursepanel Diversification

You can review various stock scores in your portfolio from the health and score tab. These scores are calculated using our high-end scoring method, which will assist you in evaluating the performance of your existing portfolio. The grey color indicates the stock health is below average. The light green color indicates the stock health is above average, while the dark green color indicates the stock health is strong.

Boursepanel Health and Score

Let’s now move on to the performance tab. Using this tab, you review how all the stocks in your portfolio have performed over the last year. You can see quarterly, monthly and weekly performances.

boursepanel stock performance tab

Next, from the key ratios tab, you can review all the key ratios of the stocks in your portfolio.

Boursepanel Stock key ratios

You can review the financial information of the stocks in your portfolio from the financial tab. From the technical tab, you can see what all the technical indicators are telling about the given stocks
Finally, from the last tab, you can see the support resistance levels of the stocks in your portfolio.

How Can BoursePanel My Portfolio Feature Help the Investors?

Managing your existing portfolio by making timely decisions is perhaps one of the most critical tasks. The bourse panel platform not only helps you build a high-performing stock market portfolio but also gives you the tools to manage your existing one. Using my portfolio feature, you will always remain updated. You will have all the information, and you will always be ready to make any striking decision and continue growing your investment.

boursepanel My Portfolio

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