What Is Boursepanel’s Model Portfolio Feature and How to Use It?

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boursepanel model portfolio

BoursePanel’s model portfolio is another unique feature that lets you effortlessly build a stock market portfolio by selecting stocks with distinctive attributes. For example, you may want to invest only in growth stocks or follow Warren Buffett’s stock picks model. However, it would not be straightforward to find all the growth stocks in a particular market as an investor. You will have to analyze an endless amount of stocks, go through their growth information and then make a final selection.

You can do that using the Bourse panel’s model portfolio feature in just a single click. All that you have to do is select a model portfolio from the available list and input your investment size. The platform will then find all the stocks based on your selected model which can be Value Stock Portfolio, Growth Stock Portfolio, Warren Buffett stock picks, high income stock portfolio and Bill Gates Stock Portfolio. The given stocks can be from any sector. However, they will base on the specific attribute of the model chosen. The platform also gives you the exact amount to invest in each stock. In addition, the platform provides comprehensive portfolio information that you can also download in PDF format.

How To Building a Model Portfolio?

To understand it further, let’s build a portfolio using just the value stocks. I will select the value stock portfolio from the list and input an investment size of $100,000.

Value Stock Portfolio input

From this chart, you can see the weight of each sector in the portfolio. The middle chart shows the weight of individual stocks in the portfolio, and from this chart, you can see the market cap diversification. In our example, six stores belong to the large-cap section while four belong to the market’s mid-cap section.

Value Stock Portfolio Graphs

The platform will give us a list of stocks and various other information. Let’s go through all the details one by one.

The overview tab shows the general information about the stocks and the investment amount recommended for every stock, including its % weight in the portfolio and the stock’s score.

Value Stock Portfolio Overview

You can see various scores of each stock in the growth stocks portfolio from the health and score tab. Boursepanel calculates these scores using its proprietary high-end scoring method. Every scoring level is calculated based on multiple factors, and each has its weight used while calculating the final score. 

For example, the platform calculates the value score using different company financials such as Margin of safety, Forward Earnings per Share, Return on Equity, Return on Assets, and profit margins. Again each financial number has its weight in the final score calculation.

Similarly, the technical score includes several technical indicators such as Bollinger Bands, moving averages, Relative strength index, etc. Each technical indicator has its weight taken to calculate the final technical score.

Likewise, the platform calculates the total score using all individually calculated scores, and each score has its weight in the total score.

Value Stock Portfolio Health and Score

Stock Trade Recommendations

Let’s now move to the entry levels tab; from here, you can see each share with its entry levels, the number of shares, investment amount, take profits, and three different columns for the expected payoffs. You can see some of the shares have more than one entry-level. It is because the investment allocated for each stock is distributed with complete risk management so that the platform may distribute the investment across more than one entry-level. Sometimes, it is also possible that the platform will select stock and allocate the investment, but the entry levels will not be immediately available. It happens because the stock fits the selection criteria; however, the entry levels are not ideal at the time, and they will be available soon.

Value Stock Portfolio Entry Levels

The performance tab shows the performance of individual shares over a period of 1 year. You can find all the key ratios for selected stocks from the key ratios tab, while the financial tab shows all the financial information. From the technical tab, you can see what the technical indicators are telling about all the selected shares. Finally, from the last tab, you can see each stock’s support and resistance levels.

Value Stock Portfolio Key Rations

The bourse panel platform is not just about building plain stock market portfolios. It’s a high-end platform to build stock market portfolios based on your specific requirements and that’s where the model portfolio feature comes in handy. You can build the portfolio using stocks with particular attributes. You don’t have to spend endless time looking for those stocks. You don’t even need the experience, as the platform does everything for you.

Value Stock Portfolio Complete

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