What is BoursePanel’s Company Search Feature?

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What is BoursePanel's Company Search Feature?

BoursePanel Company search is a unique feature to obtain any stock’s fundamental and technical analysis report effortlessly. When you log in to the platform, you can search for any company from the blue search bar located at the top. The company search feature is beneficial for getting a comprehensive financial and technical report of any given stock.

Generally, the process of obtaining such information is complicated and time-consuming. However, you just have to input the company name using the company search feature. The platform will give you a report with the stock details, its health and score, support and resistance levels, trade information, a long and detailed checklist, and other helpful information. You can also download the report in pdf format from this button.

search bar

How to Use the Boursepanel Company Search Feature?

To explain this feature, we will take an example of the Alcoa Corporation. Below is the screenshot of the report. You can see the platform is showing all the details for Alcoa Corporation in that report. From the top section of the report, you can see the stock price at the time of generating the report and also download the report in pdf format. The report is divided into two sections.


what is boursepanel company search feature 2

From the first section on the left, you can use the chart to see its price range up to 10 years.

Historical chart

The different scoring levels and the support and resistance table are underneath the price chart.

Boursepanel calculates these scoring levels using its proprietary algorithm, and these levels are beneficial for evaluating the performance of any stock.

The support and resistance table shows the support and resistance levels for the short term, medium-term and long term.

4 health and scoring support and resistance

Underneath that, you have the trader order information table. Here, you will see trade recommendations with entry levels, take profit, investment percentage for each entry, expected payoff %, and the number of expected days to achieve the target. Generally, you will see more than one entry levels. It is because the investment is distributed with complete risk management so that the platform may provide more than one entry level.

trade levels

Please note that the trade information table will be empty if no trades are recommended when generating the reports.

Next, you have Similar Stocks Expert Picks and all the technical snapshots of the stock. Similar stocks are carefully selected using BoursePanel’s Algorithm. The technical snapshot includes information from pivot points, ATR, Stochastic, RSI, and various other technical indicators.

similar stocks technical

Underneath the trade information table is the detailed company profile with its general information and major holder’s breakdown.

company information

From the second last section on the left, you can see the company upgrade & downgrade table and a table of the other stocks being watched by the investors simultaneously.

traders inside

You have a detailed stock checklist from the second section on the right that includes useful information about the stock. This information will quickly help you understand the company’s financial position, financial performance, and many other things.

stock checklist

Underneath the checklist, you have various tables where you can get basic information about the stock, its performance up to 1 year, key ratios, financial details, technical indicator details, revenue and income of the stock, and recent earnings. Finally, a dedicated news section will help you get the related news to that stock.

stock details 2

How Can Boursepanel Company Search Feature Help Stock Investors?

The company search feature makes your stock market research and analysis process seamless. It saves your time and brings everything, including the technical and fundamentals of a particular stock, in just one report. And that’s not all; you also get the trade information with proper risk management, which is itself a big task.


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