What is BoursePanel Design Portfolio Feature?

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Boursepanel stock portfolio builder

Boursepanel Design Portfolio is a unique feature that completely automates the process of building a high-performance stock market portfolio. The Platform builds the portfolio based on the investor’s requirements and literally builds the stock portfolio without any effort. The Platform performs the complete risk management task using the bourse panel’s proprietary algorithm and proven trading strategies.

It starts by analyzing the stock sectors that are the best performing. Then it analyzes the individual stocks from technical, fundamental, and sentiments points of view. Only then the Platform strategically diversifies the investment.

BoursePanel Design Portfolio

How To Build a Stock Market Portfolio Using Boursepanel?

To build a stock market portfolio, you just need to input a few parameters. These parameters include the preferred stock market sectors, investment size, investment duration, and your preferred risk approach. After you input the parameters and click on the design portfolio button, the Platform will automatically pick the high-performing stocks from the selected sectors. It will strategically distribute the investment in those stocks.

BoursePanel Design Portfolio 2

Strategic Investment Diversification

The Platform will give you the entry levels and the number of stocks to buy in each trade. In addition, the Platform will provide comprehensive portfolio information that you can download in PDF format. In the designed portfolio information, you can see the weight of every sector and individual stock. You can also see the investment diversification based on the market cap of the recommended stocks. The selected stocks may belong to mega, large, mid, or micro-cap sections.

BoursePanel Design Portfolio Overview Section

Boursepane Health and Scoring Levels

The Platform will also give you the health and score of each stock and the performance from the present day to the last year. You will have the key ratios, the financial numbers, Technicals, and the support and resistance levels for each stock. All this information is available in an easy-to-read table.

Once you get all this information, you may further modify your portfolio design. You may change the sectors or change the investment duration, or you may also change the mode of investment from conservative to moderate or aggressive.

BoursePanel Design Portfolio Health and Score Section

Performance Based Stock Market Portfolio

The Boursepanel design portfolio feature empowers you to build your stock market portfolio effortlessly. You don’t have to scan the sectors vigorously and analyze the financial information of each stock. You don’t have to look for technical details or spend hours deciding on stocks or sectors to diversify your investment. The Platform puts behind all the traditional methods of stock market investment; it cuts the possibility of underperforming stock selection or the sectors and automatically designs a high-performing stock market portfolio.

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