What Are Bourse Panel Stock Expert Picks?

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borusepanel Expert Picks

Boursepanel’s expert picks are the stocks selected and given based on specific attributes. The difference between the expert picks, and the model portfolio features is that the model portfolio requires an investment size. While for the expert picks, you just get the list of stocks based on the specific attributes without investment diversification.

How To Get Expert Picks From BoursePanel Platform?

You can access the expert picks from the left toolbar. You have the top 10 stocks which are the best performing. Next, you have the growth stocks given based on their growth potential. Then you have the undervalued stock picks. These stocks are currently trading below their fair value and have the potential to grow. You can pick stocks with huge income potential from the income stock picks, while from the penny stocks, you will get the list of the best performing penny stocks.

Stock Expert Picks

Likewise, you will get the list of fundamentally strong stocks from the fundamental stocks. Finally, from the technical stock picks, you will get a list of stocks with a strong technical outlook. The platform selects each stock based on its specific attributes and may belong to any sector. We will be adding more expert picks in the coming days.

Advantages of BoursePanel’s Expert Picks

Using the expert pick feature, you can build a new stock portfolio or enhance your existing portfolio by adding stocks with specific attributes. Generally, finding stocks with particular characteristics is a complicated task. However, using the bourse panel platform, you can do this with just one click. The platform provides detailed information on every stock. You can download all the information in PDF format.

To understand more about the expert picks, let’s take the example of the top 10 stocks. The image below shows the list of the top 10 stocks. The platform has scanned the entire market and picked the top-performing stocks.

Expert Picks Top 10 stocks

The first section shows the sector allocation percentage, market capitalization, and market cap diversification.

Expert Picks Graphs

In the overview tab, you have the company name, sector, market cap, last price, other general information, and the score of each stock in the last column.

Expert Picks Overview

You can review several stock scores from the health and score tab. The platform calculates these scores using BoursePanel’s high-end scoring method.

Expert Picks Health and Score

From the entry levels tab, you can see each share with its entry levels, take profit, investment percentage, expected payoff %, and expected days to achieve the target. You can see some of the shares have more than one entry-level. It is because the investment allocated for each stock is distributed with complete risk management so that the platform may distribute the investment across more than one entry-level. While designing the portfolio, it’s possible that the platform has selected stock and allocated the investment, but the entry levels are not immediately available. It happens because the stock fits the selection criteria; however, the entry levels are not ideal and will be available shortly.

Expert Picks Entry Levels

The performance tab shows the performance of individual shares over one year.

Expert Picks Performance

From the key ratios tab, you can find all the key ratios for selected stocks while the financial tab shows all the financial information.

Expert Picks Key Rations

The second last tab shows what the technical indicators tell about all the selected shares. Finally, from the last tab, you can see each stock’s support and resistance levels.

Expert Picks Support and Resistance

The stock markets present opportunities every now and then. However, to capitalize on those opportunities, an investor requires huge efforts. The BoursePanel’s expert pick feature makes it extremely easy to pick stocks with specific attributes and build a high-performance stock market portfolio.

Expert Picks Complete

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