Top Five Qatar Stocks To Invest In August 2022

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Qatar is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world, thanks to its vast oil and gas resources. Its Annual GDP (2o21) currently ranks 54, with a whopping GDP Per Capita of $62,088. At the time of writing, the Qatar Stock Market Index (QE General) is trading around 13,645, 0.13% up from the previous session. At the moment, Qatari Stocks seem well on the way to a full recovery from the economic effects of COVID-19.

Qatar Stock Exchange Performance

Most of the Credit Rating Agencies, including Moody’s and S&P, have set Qatar’s Rating as stable. The analysts believe the Qatari stock market in 2022 will likely remain the best performer in the GCC region, with 13.4% expected returns. Among Qatar’s non-oil-related sectors, the banking and the financial services sector likely to remain at the top. The Qatar Stock Exchange also appears to outperform GCC countries regarding market return.

Top 5 Qatari Stocks To Invest

Here are the Boursepanel’s Top 5 Stocks to Invest

  1. Qatar Industrial Manufacturing Company Q.P.S.C (QIMD)
  2. Qatar National Bank Q.P.S.C (QNBK)
  3. Qatari Investors Group Q.S.C (QIGD)
  4. Qatar Islamic Bank Q.P.S.C (QIBK)
  5. Qatar National Cement Company Q.P.S.C (QNCD)

Top 5 Qatari Stocks Trading Levels

Entry Level
Take Profit
Qatar Industrial Manufacturing Company Q.P.S.C (QIMD)
Qatar National Bank Q.P.S.C (QNBK)
Qatari Investors Group Q.S.C (QIGD)
Qatar Islamic Bank Q.P.S.C (QIBK)
Qatar National Cement Company Q.P.S.C (QNCD)

Qatari Investors

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