Frequently Asked Q&A About BoursePanel Platform

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BoursePanel Q&A

What is the Boursepanel platform?

Boursepanel is a stock market research and analysis platform. It is the first dedicated platform to offer stock trade signals, stock market portfolio builders, sector top picks, expert picks, and many other features.

How many stock markets are available on the Boursepanel platform?

Boursepanel offers US, UK, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Indian stock markets.

How can I access different countries’ stock markets from the Boursepanel platform?

Once you log in to the Boursepanel platform, you can change the country from the drop-down list at the top right corner.

Does Boursepanel provide stock trade signals for Qatari markets?

Yes! Boursepanel provides trade signals (stock recommendations) for Qatari markets. Boursepanel also provides trade signals for all other available countries.

What is the Boursepanel trade signals success rate for Qatar and other markets?

Boursepanel trade signals’ success rate for the Qatar stock exchange is nearly 80%, while for other countries, the success rate is almost 75%.

Can I add my existing stock market portfolio to the Boursepanel platform and review it?

Yes definitely! You can add your existing stock market portfolio and review it using the information platform will provide. It will provide your stocks’ fundamental and technical reports and recommended exit levels. It will also provide you with the Health and Scoring Levels of each stock in your portfolio. Click here to learn more about reviewing your portfolio. (link with review portfolio guide post)

What is the best way to build my stock portfolio using the Boursepanel platform?

Boursepanel offers three risk modes to build a stock market portfolio; Conservative, Moderate and Aggressive. The best way to start building your stock market portfolio is by first selecting a conservative approach.

Can I Diversify my Investment into Different Market Sectors Using the Boursepanel Platform?

Of course, you can diversify your investment into different stock market sectors. You can manually input the sectors you want to invest in or leave this option to auto for the platform to select and diversify your investment into different sectors automatically.

Can I build my stock market portfolio Using my equity size?

You can build your stock market portfolio based on your equity size.

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